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Advantages of Guangdong Jiyu cutting machine compared with traditional sliding table saw


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Advantages of Guangdong Jiyu cutting machine compared with traditional sliding table saw

2024-03-14 13:51:00

The biggest advantage of the CNC cutting machine, the core machine in the panel furniture whole-house customization production line, is its high flexibility during processing, which is more in line with the current consumer trend of product diversification, and is more capable of realizing supply and reform. So what are the advantages of CNC cutting machines compared to sliding table saws? Please see Jiyu CNC Machinery to give you a detailed analysis:

1.The first point is that the auxiliary work time of the CNC cutting machine is much lower than that of the sliding table saw. The role of the cutting machine is not only to cut materials, but also can be used for the production of cabinet doors. The engraving of surface patterns can be realized through software. , more diversified in function. Compared with the sliding table saw, it is many times more powerful just for cutting materials.

2.The second point is that the machining accuracy of the cutting machine is much higher than that of the sliding table saw. No matter what kind of material or shape of material, we can input it through computer software, and the dimensional error is accurate to less than 0.1 mm. This is unmatched by manual measuring table saws.

3.The third point is that using a cutting machine can save more materials. The software will automatically optimize the layout when processing products on one plate, so as to use the lowest area to produce the most products. Computers replace human brains, and their computing speed is tens of millions of times faster than humans.

4.The fourth point is to save workers' physical strength. A cutting machine with a loading and unloading platform only requires one worker, and he only needs to come over after processing the product and take down the finished product. The sliding table saw requires workers to work hard all the time.

5.The fifth point is that the cutting machine is safer, because after setting the program size, the machine is running the whole process, and there is no need for workers to cut the material. Therefore, this aspect greatly reduces the occurrence of work-related injuries. It also greatly protects the personal safety of workers.
The above points are the advantages of Jiyu cutting machine compared to sliding table saw, saving time and labor, and maximizing the utilization rate of plate.

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