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Equipment care and maintenance before and after holidays


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Equipment care and maintenance before and after holidays

2024-03-14 13:47:03

1.Clean the equipment before the holidays. You can use a cooler to blow the cabinet clean (compressed air is strictly prohibited), and press a few veneers on the countertop to prevent serious deformation of the base plate.

2.Before the holidays, you need to drain the oil-water separator on the equipment that needs ventilation, such as the cutting machine, edge banding machine, side hole drilling machine, etc., to prevent freezing.

3.Before the holidays, all the water in the vacuum pump of the cutting machine should be drained. In order to avoid incomplete water draining, it is necessary to cover the vacuum pump with a thick quilt after draining the water to prevent the water seal of the vacuum pump from freezing to death or cracking.

4.The gas tank of the screw machine or air compressor must be drained of gas, and all water vapor in the drain valve must be drained.

5.Before the holiday, the power supply to the entire factory must be cut off, and the power supply to every device must be turned off.

6.After the holiday, before starting work, clean the dust and other debris on each machine, and then check whether the above accessories are frozen.

7.Apply lubricating oil or sewing machine oil to all areas with tracks such as the cutting machine, side hole drilling machine, edge banding machine, etc., apply grease to the rack, and apply butter to all areas that need to be buttered before turning on the machine.

8.After turning on the machine, try to see if there are any problems with the functions of each part of the equipment. If there are any problems, contact the after-sales personnel in time to cooperate with you to solve these problems.

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